Organisation Development for Sustainability

Sustainability Institute was founded in Jan 2008 as part of the Sequoia Group to focus on research, education and consultancy for the four pillars of W.I.S.E., our guiding framework and message on Organisation Development (O.D.) for Sustainability.

SI’s W.I.S.E framework is meant for organisations who are interested in expanding and deepening their agenda for sustainability. Clients resonate with the W.I.S.E framework as an “inside-out” approach to sustainability as it extends their CSR efforts beyond the traditional scope of “green” or community involvement programmes.

Sustainability opens up new opportunities for employee engagement, blue-ocean innovations that keep social and environmental needs in mind, helps organisations to cut costs, improve productivity, while at the same time contribute towards a better world.

The WISE O.D. For Sustainability Programme and Sustainable Design Lab were launched to assist practitioners who are interested in embedding sustainability into the corporate culture and as a key corporate strategy.

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