Strategic Planning

The future is socially constructed through conversations and involvement of stakeholders is key.
One of the key principles we have experienced to be true in our work is that people commit to what they help create. On the other hand, a logical and sound plan may face rejection if stakeholders were not suitably engaged in the process. Well-designed processes create a sense of generativity, ownership and meaning whereby people feel that they are contributing towards the creation of something new and better collectively for the organisation.

Phases & Processes
Our approach to Strategic Planning follows a Four - Phase framework – Awareness, Aspirations, Alignment and Accountability; all attuned to Authenticity (Purpose & Values) at the centre of the framework. The four key phases are Awareness, Aspirations, Alignment and Accountability. Overlaying the four phases are the 4-Ds of the Appreciative Inquiry model - Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny, which are seen in the outer arrows that connect the four phases. If the 4-As represent the “what”, the 4-Ds represent the “how”.

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