“Only living systems are capable of learning.” Arie de Geus, The Living Company. A Learning Organisation is a place where people are committed to constantly enhancing their capacities to create the future they truly desire. We help organisations build capacities in the Five Disciplines of a Learning Organisation (LO), namely Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, and Systems Thinking (Source: The Fifth Discipline, Peter M. Senge).

We design and deliver comprehensive year-long programmes on organisational development, with organisational learning as the foundational building blocks. Attended by leaders, facilitators, as well as other human / organisation development professionals, these programmes require the support of a corporate sponsor who believes in the importance of investing in long-term capacities for deep change and collective learning.

Hence, a Learning Organisation is one that evolves naturally and has its own sense of identity. It is also capable of regenerating itself as an identifiable entity beyond its current form.

The Three-Legged Stool– Daniel H. Kim, Organizing For Learning

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