The key to successful change is stakeholder acceptance and commitment.
Research and literature on change show that projects succeed because there is a good technical solution to the issue being addressed. While that may not be a surprise, what’s interesting is that 98% of change projects in organisations that fail also had a good technical solution! It turns out the effectiveness of the result from a change does not depend solely on the brilliance of the solution alone, but on another critical component in the change equation. Understanding this component becomes the differentiating factor for the success or failure of a policy, strategy or plan. It is about the ability to generate stakeholder acceptance, support and commitment for the change.

The Change Activist (TCA) is an action-learn methodology that teaches intact teams and change agents how to deal with the human side of change proactively through engagement, focused actions, and constant learning. We also offer facilitation skills training as an extension of the change programmes to strengthen the change activist’s process facilitation capabilities.

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