Sustainability Suite

Sustainability – Awareness Workshop
A half-day introductory workshop designed for all executives to create awareness on the issue of sustainability as an innovation agenda for social and business enterprises. It expounds on the idea that “Doing Good” and “Doing Well” is possible and desirable for long-term health and vitality of organisations both in the social and business sectors. A must-have if you have been hearing the word sustainability and wonder what it means for you and your organisation.

Sustainability as a Key Business Imperative
A 1-day workshop designed to enhance business leaders’ understanding of how Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be leveraged as a core strategy for fostering employee engagement, stakeholder involvement, generating business innovations and business results. You will learn how to maximise the value of your business for shareholder and stakeholder benefits, thereby creating a business for greater good.

Sustainable Design Lab
A 3-day capacity-building workshop for organisations ready to take a deeper dive into sustainability as a core organisational development strategy and interested in what can be done for integrating sustainability into the business and operational framework. You will be introduced to tools and processes for whole-system change and stakeholder engagement, taking you beyond theory into real-life applications.

Certificate for Positive Organisation Development (CPOD)
A modular year-long programme for OD practitioners, the CPOD is designed as a holistic, integrated learning programme to provide participants with foundational knowledge, skills, principles, tools and practices of organisational development.

The skills covered include process facilitation, appreciative inquiry, coaching and consulting skills, strategic planning and systems thinking. The aim is to raise the professional standards of OD as a practice field in the industry and to build a cadre of competent and effective OD catalysts, consultants and change agents, who are passionate about building sustainable and positive organisations.

Each with over a decade of consulting experiences, the sustainability institute’s CPOD faculty comprise an ensemble of OD practitioners with both strong academic backgrounds as well as in-depth field experiences. Having worked with and within organisations as consultants, helpers and change agents, the curriculum and teaching methods that our faculty put together are aimed at enhancing applied knowledge, supported by well researched theories and advanced knowledge in the field.

The Change Activist Programme (TCA)
As a practical and experiential methodology, TCA is designed to facilitate and manage change acceptance. Packed with useful and accessible tools, it helps both project teams and stakeholders to better organise their work and navigate the human side of change. Our approach to Change Management is to equip participants with the mindset, frameworks and skills for facilitating change acceptance amongst stakeholders to ensure success of strategies and vision fulfilment on the ground.

TCA begins with a training programme for the stakeholders and strategy or project teams to engage real – time in real topics, using the tools in an environment of distributed leadership. They walk away with the planning and the first few steps completed in the workshop, feeling empowered to follow through the rest and ready as change agents to make an impact in the organisation.

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