Personal Resilience and Renewal Programmes for Individuals

SEEDS is a leadership programme for youths, based on latest research in the Five Disciplines, Emotional & Social Intelligence, Action Learning and others. It is inclusive yet customised for young people in school up to the tertiary level: Junior Colleges, Universities and Polytechnics – and for young working adults.

SEEDS aims to build 21st century competencies, for a community of global youth leaders that is enlightened and empowered to create sustainable, lasting, positive impact for the society. Beyond learning the pragmatics for successful career and life management, SEEDS to shoots to sequoias is our hope for youth who wish to lead a fulfilling life.

Live. Love. Laugh
A women’s renewal and resonance programme dedicated to the women who believe in significance and not just success, this is a two-day retreat designed specifically for women who strive to maintain work-life harmony. In today's hectic time-starved world, it becomes even more important to find time for renewal, time to step back & assess where we've come from & where we are going after a lifetime of being everything to everybody. It is about creating space & time to reflect on our own lives and to tune in to our own needs, aspirations and inner resources!

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