Leadership Suite

Foundations of Leadership (FOL)
This programme aims to provide executives, team members and people managers with a fundamental awareness and insights on what it takes to be an effective leader. Starting from the development of one’s personal mastery, we extend that to the higher ability to contribute towards collective goals, as well as to learn to build and lead effective teams.

The Foundations programme is specially designed as a leadership milestone programme to help executives and people managers to deepen their capacities as contributors and team leaders and to prepare them for the next stage of their growth and advancement; where exercising positive influence and building strong and resonant, cohesive teams becomes even more important.

Chrysalis Programme
The Chrysalis is a two day programme aimed at imbuing change leadership skills, including impact and influence, conflict management skills. Customised for leaders and managers who need to influence change acceptance of their peers, superiors and direct reports as well as frequently external partners. Change and influencing skills are keys to the success of the leaders and managers.

Transformational Leadership Development Programme (TLDP)
The TLDP is an apex leadership milestone programme designed to encourage and enable participants to reflect on their contributions as leaders in the organisation and to acquire practical skills for expanding their own and others’ effectiveness.

In essence, the TLDP is an exploration into what it takes to be an effective and engaging leader in the organisation. An engaging leader is one who is able to effectively engage and inspire employees to go the extra mile and have a positive impact on their well-being, as well as enable organisations to consistently outperform their competitors. Engaging leaders lead in an appreciative and emotionally intelligent way that brings about creativity, connectedness and sense of purpose.

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