Organisation Development Suite

Overview of Programme
The fact that environmental, social and economic sustainability are all interwoven and important for organisations is now becoming known and increasingly acknowledged. Most of this awareness is translated into CSR or corporate philanthropy initiatives, which is a good starting point, but insufficient to bring about the deep-seated change that is essential to embed sustainability into the DNA of the organisation.

What kind of processes will enable sustainability become inclusive, and widespread instead of being a ‘top-down’ initiative? Using the key concepts and practices of Organisation Development, this 3 day workshop is a journey for participants to embrace methods that engages employees and stakeholders in the conversation towards sustainability, making the change more enduring and far reaching.

What is Organisation Development?
Organisation Development (OD) is a long-range, strategic response to change. OD focuses on the cultivation of healthy relationships and processes between individuals and groups, in a way that expands their ideas, beliefs, behaviours and capabilities to apply new approaches to old problems.

Learning Organisation
Our programmes aim to build capacities in the 5 Disciplines of a Learning Organisation (LO) first articulated in his seminal book, The Fifth Discipline, by Peter M. Senge, namely Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, and Systems Thinking. Highly customised, these programmes are usually conducted in-house and require the support of a corporate sponsor who believes in the importance of investing in long-term capacities for deep change and collective learning.

Community Engagement Programme (CEP)
All organisations, whether social, private or public, are faced with the challenge of building communities to whom they can reach out to and serve. The definition and nature of communities are also becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Conventional ways of building communities and attracting believers may no longer be as effective.

In light of this, our CEP offers innovative processes and ground-up approaches, aimed at seeding self-directed action, creativity, and whole-system participation.

Rooted in a strength-based approach, the CEP is a unique learning programme for change champions, community-builders, marketers and CSR (corporate social responsibility) facilitators. The programme enables the stewards from any organisation or community to design and facilitate meaningful engagement with stakeholders that leads to co-ownership and co-creation.

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