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Experience Synthetron's crowdsourcing technology!

Dear Sequoia Community members,

Have you heard and experience the evolutionary crowdsourcing technology by Synthetron?

It is a brilliant and engaging tool for gathering independent, authentic opinions and ideas from a diverse crowd via a safe anonymous environment

Smart algorithms and technological setup are used to capture live inputs, engage audiences and facilitate processing of the entire discussion which is carried out in an hour.

It is scalable, user-friendly and accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Raw data are methodologically translated into quality outputs to facilitate your decision-making process.

Synthetron can be used in change, strategy and HR propositions such as building the case for organisational change, identifying the barriers or enablers to change, co-creating strategy, validating options and diagnosing employee satisfaction. It can also be used for stakeholders' engagements, marketing and citizen outreach.

If you would like to find out more about Synthetron:

1. Visit: www.synthetron.sg

2. Contact us at: (65) 6253 1615 or enquires@sequoia.com.sg

3. Experience it for yourself!

    We would love to invite you for an engaging hour of Business Think Tank (BTT) session!

Details of upcoming sessions is unavailable at the moment and we will keep you informed once available.

Please leave us your email address to indicate your interest.


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