What is our deeper calling or purpose?

The purpose of Sequoia Group is to help create organisations and communities that are truly worthy of people’s commitment. Organisations that exist for in service of their people and for their communities that they are part of, tend to deliver superior performance, are more sustainable and leave a positive legacy.



What do we care most about creating?
Sequoia, when phonetically translated into Chinese, reads as” shi ge ya”. Literally, it means a “world that is characterised by beauty and grace”.

At Sequoia, we believe that Vision is a living and dynamic representation of what we seek to create, an image of what we care most about bringing into reality. At the heart of our vision is the guiding idea of the Sequoia tree - a light and example of a living company, one that is responsive and relevant to the needs of changing times. We are committed to research, development and education of ideas and actions that would lead to human and planetary flourishing. We deliver solutions that transform the quality of results that clients experience and help them to fulfill their potential as individuals and institutions.



Who Are We?
Care • Choice • Commitment • Community • Continuity

To care means to love and respect the people who made a choice to work with us and the people we choose to work with. It is also about caring for the mission and long-term well-being of the organisations that we work with, as if they are our very own.

We make affirmative choices so that our clients are aware of what we stand for, what we believe in. We know we have a choice in the kinds of projects we undertake and the people we want to work with. Making conscious choices allow us to stay focused and enables us, in turn, to deliver on our commitment.

Commitment is about integrity, professionalism and dedication to the highest quality of work we are capable of in all the projects that we undertake. Commitment is also about delivering on promise to our customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

We believe that work takes life and meaning when achieved in community. Teamwork is the guiding principle of the way we work and we strive to help our clients build cohesive and strong communities in their own ecosystems.

We care about the long-term consequences of our work and are committed to building the capacities of people within the system to carry on the work we have started with them. Continuity is also about reminding our clients of their long-term accountability to the environment and to stakeholders.

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