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The founder, Jacqueline Wong, started her freelance consulting work in 2001. She was joined by Tan Shang How in 2006, which was the year Sequoia Consulting Pte Ltd was formed and eventually renamed Sequoia Group Pte Ltd in 2012. Since incorporation, it began its expansion and formalised its services. It is now a firm with 8 full time employees and services a broad spectrum of public, private and social sector clients. Sequoia also maintains and works with a network of about 20 adjunct consultants and executive coaches to whom we sub-contract our professional services to for bigger scale projects.

Sequoia’s mission is to create organisations that are worthy of people’s commitment. Our organisation is anchored by four key business units – Sequoia Management Consulting, Sustainability Institute, Sequoia Networks and Sustainability InnoLab. Sequoia Management Consulting and Sustainability Institute were created to provide consultancy and capacity-building services respectively; while Sequoia Networks and Sustainability InnoLab are auxiliary services focusing on nurturing client / community networks and incubation of new innovations so as to nurture entrepreneurial ideas that emerge from our work with our clients.


Sequoia Consulting

Sequoia has built a highly dynamic and reputable boutique Organisation Development suite of services bringing solutions to clients in the public, private and social sectors. Sequoia Consulting provides transformational solutions in the domains of Strategy, Change, Leadership Development and Organisational Learning. In short, we call it our Plan, Change, Lead and Learn solutions. Our services include Consulting, Facilitation, Capacity-building through Coaching, Workshops and Action-Learning.

Sequoia Consulting has been enabling organisations and communities to be truly worthy of people’s commitment through Sequoia’s design principles of attending to purposes, intentions, people, processes customised to serve each client and spaces in which conversations on what matter can thrive.

Partnering with our clients and working closely with internal teams, we ensure sustainable solutions that continue to provide support in the organisation and community, akin to the Sequoia forests. When we leave, we hold ourselves to the same questions that we hold our clients accountable for. This ensures the legacy of positive, performing, learning and living workplaces.


Sequoia Networks

Sequoia Networks was established in 2007 with the key objective of helping our clients better understand the communities whom they serve, and to help them initiate the creation of self-perpetuating networks of interest groups and learning communities. Communities are characterised by a sense of belonging. At its best, members become volunteers, stewards and co-creators. With increasingly sophisticated needs and a slew of marketers vying for limited attention, understanding customer communites have become a massive undertaking for organisations, be it for businesses, schools or societies.

Sequoia Networks help clients reach out to and build communities through creative engagement methodologies such as the art of hosting, appreciative inquiry and other community-building processes. We provide advice on the marketing and design of community events so as to maximise outreach and impact. We also provide new media consulting and conduct research that generate valuable customer and community insights, allowing you to better serve their needs.

Through our flagship Community Engagement Programme (CEP) and our community engagement processes and frameworks, clients learn what it takes to nurture and propagate self-sustaining communities based on nature’s self-organising principles.


Sustainability Institute

Sustainability Institute connects the agenda of organisation development to sustainability. Founded by Sequoia in January 2008, Sustainability Institute extends the Sequoia Story™ and represents Sequoia Group’s commitment to build sustainable long-term capacities in individuals and organisations. As the story goes, sequoia trees are nature’s reminder to provide sustaining structures that future generations can count on. It is also a systems thinking story about the importance of thinking long-term and caring for the consequences of our actions beyond the length of our own tenure.

Over the past two decades, methodologies and practices in strengthbased approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Theory-U and organizational learning disciplines such as Systems Thinking have greatly enhanced the impact and effectiveness of sustainability efforts.

Since 2008, we have been providing a comprehensive suite of capacitybuilding programmes tailored for individuals, organisations and the society leveraging on these innovative theories, tools and methodologies. You will learn through our programmes that sustainability is beyond going green. It involves leading, learning and living in ways that are both sensible and innovative - socially, economically and environmentally.

Our unique and proprietary WISE™ framework for sustainability provides a compass for organisations who are committed to building an agenda for sustainability from the inside out. We help our client systems realise their full potentials and enable them to evolve their corporate citizenship by Doing Good and Doing Well.


Sustainability Innolab

Sustainability InnoLab is a venture capitalist firm that incubates sustainability initiatives that have the potential for greater world benefit. Founded in 2011, Sustainability InnoLab provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, whether students, enterprising individuals or start-ups, to incubate and test their ideas and innovations that would bring about substantial societal or environmental benefit.

Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts and ideas that are targeted towards social needs like improving the standards of education and healthcare systems, employment creation and community development which can positively influence and strengthen the civil society. Through this platform, we encourage entrepreneurs to apply their creative minds and provide opportunities to showcase their innovations, and help sell their ideas to prospective investors who are interested in bringing these ideas to market.

We also help business clients to realise the tremendous power of sustainability to improve profits, drive innovation, strengthen employee engagement as well as develop innovative leaders by turning challenges of our time into opportunities for growth.

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